Hey, everyone.  I haven’t done a photoshoot in like…forever…since the last time Alternate Universe had one actually and that was loooong ago.  Anyhow, it was time for The Gang to make a scene (haha, get it, scene, photoshoot).  I haven’t done big group pictures in awhile either.  This one actually was pretty easy to do, which is AMAZING.  Usually groups this big (or bigger, I have done one with almost 50 Sims) is a pain in the butt, but thank goodness for poseboxes and invisible trays!!!  Invisible trays are one of the best things invented for the Sim storytellers out there.  I know, because I use them in every scene.  So thank you tray and posebox makers.  You are all totally awesome dudes and dudettes!!!

Now you may not recognize some of the Simmies in these pictures, because they’re characters that haven’t been introduced into the story or haven’t made it in “The Gang” page on the sidebar.  Eventually everyone will be in there.

Time for the candid shots:

Hey! Hey! Hey, you two! We’re photoshooting, not making a hot and steamy scene!!!


At Black Pearl Sims I’ve entered one of their CAS challenges.  Considering February is suppose to be the “love” month, we’re doing a wedding theme.  You can choose guy or girl, but most of everyone has chosen the girl…I did too.  Actually a pair of my Simmies were tying the knot so I used them, Angel and Rez.

Here’s our girl, thinking about what’s in store for her ahead and how she got to this point.

She finally puts on her wedding dress and make-up and stares at herself through the endless mirrors in the room.  She’s absolutely gorgeous, my favorite Sim!

Everything is perfect after “I do” and “I do” they are wed.

Groom’s men…

…and bride’s maids.  Yeah, I know…Sally’s hair just about clashes with the dress, but she didn’t pick it out.


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